24.11.23 Mein Herz dein Bunker 290 BPM-Premiere

DEUTSCHES THEATER BERLIN - REGIE Paula Thielecke Sound Design & DJ

Universität Kassel-Institut für Musik

Gastdozentin- DJ

17.01.2023 10:00 Hrs Medialidades del proceso creativo

Universidad Alberto Hurtado- Sala SUM Instituto de Música, Almirante Barroso

Medialidades del proceso creativo

Workshop at Universidad Alberto Hurtado- Centro de Estudios Mediales e Instituto de Música, Santiago de Chile 17. January ...

Sounds Pop Workshop: Field Recording and Creative Sampling with Paula Schopf

Workshop at Berlin School of Sound- Acud Club Raum- Veteranenstrasse 21, Berlin 10. September

Field Recording: History and a Practical Introduction with Paula Schopf

Workshop at Berlin School of Sound- Acud Club Raum- Veteranenstrasse 21,Berlin 05 Mai

13.09.2022 „No Statik At All“ New Radio Show @teslafm.net

Rarely heard music and some songs from another space. Produced by Chica

Foto: Ulla Binder / Heroines of Sound

Magallanes IV

MAGALLANES IV(Excerpt Edit)Live (Video and Electronics) at Heroines of Sound Festival 2022Radial System, Berlin Music produced by Paula Schopf Original Video by Eduardo Velásquez Foto by Ulla Binder Special Thanks to:Musikfonds and Senatsverwaltung für Kultur ...

08.03.2022 „Break the Silence“

Dedicated to the International Women's Day on March 8th Listen here:

10.12.2021 „Mala Memoria“

"Espacios en Soledad" Live Performance in "Museo de la Memoria y de los Derechos Humanos" Santiago de

Espacios en Soledad EP

"Does returning to a place have a sound? Can the ear have a memory? And what if places which we return to are just empty shells? Choreographed rooms which we need to play, fill from scratch each time with fragments from the past and present, layer upon layer, familiar and ...

19.11.2021 Magallanes II /Espacios en Soledad-Live Performance

Radical Sounds Latin America 2021 @ K28 und Cashmere Radio,

04.09.2021 Magallanes II , Live Performance

Silent Green Kulturquartier / Kopfhörer-Konzert,

26.11.2021 Release „Espacios en Soledad“

Vinyl/Digital Karaoke Kalk

Chica Paula- No More

in: WIP - V.A. Vivas, Libres y Unidas - released March 8, 2021 Listen: here ...

Magallanes 1

Magallanes 1,  the first musical collaboration between Eduardo Velásquez and Paula Schopf is a narrative sound work that seeks to explore the geography of Chilean Patagonia and it's deep links to the tragic history of 19th- century colonization. Through the use ...

Coming soon: Espacios en Soledad EP- Vinyl Release

01.04.2020 Chica Paula at Santo Remedio, Santiago de Chile (Cancelled)

28.03.2020 „La Múscia del Exilio“ (Cancelled)

Workshops and Live in Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, Santiago de

22.03.2020 Chica Paula at Piknic Electronik, Santiago de Chile (Cancelled)

23.02.2020 Berlinale @E-Werk

Chica Paula Dj Set

20.12. 2019 Cutting Edge Sounds Latin America

Espacios en Soledad III Performance at DAAD Galerie,

03.11.2019 Paula Schopf live performance at Kammermusiksaal, Deutschlandfunk Köln

02.11.2019 Chica Paula experimental electronic DJ set at Artheater, Köln

12.10.2019 Chica Paula DJ set at Kasheme, Zürich

05.10.2019 Chica Paula DJ set at Untertage/Studio 69, Berlin

Espacios en Soledad

Espacios en Soledad is a solo performance with two record players, effect devices and video. Heroines of Sound 08.12.2018, Berlin Germany Espacios en Soledad (excerpt 1) Espacios en Soledad (excerpt ...

Panel “Change in Perspective: The Electronic Music Scene and Gender in South America”

With: Tatiana Heuman aka Qeei (AR/DE), Laura Mello (BR/DE), María del Rosario Cardona (CO/DE), Paula Schopf (CL/DE) Presentation: Antye Greie/AGF Heroines of Sound Festival 2019 at Radial System, Berlin 14 July ...

Panel “Residencia y creatividad: conexiones entre tiempo lugar y obra“

"Residence and creativity: connections between time, place and work" With Paula Schopf and Ana Alenso Presentation: Beatriz Salinas Goethe Institut, Santiago de Chile 30 April ...

Lecture “There is Music in Every Sound”

Keywords: The invention of the Phonograph, Musique concrète, Field Recordings, Soundscape Universidad de Magallanes, Auditorio Ernesto Livacic Punta Arenas, Chile 4 April ...

Panel „Visible Music“

With Sandra Naumann, Claudia Robles-Angel, Paula Schopf, Laurie Schwartz, Steffi Weismann / Presentation: Cornelia Lund As part of “Heroines of Sound Festival“ HAU2, Berlin, Deutschland 7 December ...

“Discussion in Percussion”

Artist Talk with Paula Schopf As part of “Heroines of Sound Edition #6” Acud macht Neu, Berlin, Deutschland 22 November ...

Lecture and Workshop “Ein weites Field”

A wide field Folkwang Universität der Künste Institut für Populäre Musik, Campus Bochum, Germany 24 April

BUDLAB Panel “Innovación y Mercado Mundial “

Innovation and World Market With Dandy Jack and Chica Paula Teatro Italia, Santiago de Chile 1 December

.de-lectrón: Scout Música Electrónica

Chica Paula invites to an open talk Goethe Institut, México Mexico D.F. 11 June

Paula Schopf – Performance with DJ setup

Klangliche Mythologien-Espacios en Soledad

Sonic Mythologies - Spaces in Solitude Every time I return to my hometown Santiago de Chile I make my way to the city center called Santiago Centro.As I wander through the streets and step into these peculiar sonic spaces. I listen to the sounds of this environment and ...

Music for an Empty Pond, Installation view

Music for an Empty Pond

Music for an Empty Pond is a live controlled 8 channel sound installation in which Paula Schopf and Max Loderbauer deconstruct the natural sounds and the way these are experienced of a specific locations, in this case the pond and the Sternhagen Gut park. Inspired by Henry ...

Acedia – Don’t Look Now

Acedia: Don’t look now is an 8 channel sound installation which analysis relationships between places of transit in public space. Through translocation sounds are transferred from their original context to the exhibition space. In this installation the visitors attention ...

Cover picture – Music for Children

Music for Children

The compilation „Music For Children“ was a collaboration between the Swiss record label „Bruchstücke“ and “Ruta 5”. I invited musicians from the Berlin and international music scene to produce music for kids. The listening habits of children these days is very ...