Espacios en Soledad EP

„Does returning to a place have a sound? Can the ear have a memory? And what if places which we return to are just empty shells? Choreographed rooms which we need to play, fill from scratch each time with fragments from the past and present, layer upon layer, familiar and still somehow always new and differently assembled. Paula Schopf’s Espacios en Soledad are acoustic walks around present-day Santiago de Chile, the city where she was born – which she always left, had to leave and to which she always returns – but more than anything also through her own memories which resonate throughout the public places, squares, streets though still in their own way remain strange.“ (Matthias Pasdzierny/ English translation by Dirk Markham)

Release 26.11.2021

Label: Karaoke Kalk
CatNo: Espacios en Soledad
Format: EP/DL