Magallanes 1

Magallanes 1,  the first musical collaboration between Eduardo Velásquez and Paula Schopf is a narrative sound work that seeks to explore the geography of Chilean Patagonia and it’s deep links to the tragic history of 19th- century colonization.
Through the use of field recordings, synthetic sounds and the stories of Captain Hermann Eberhard (one of the first settlers of Western Patagonia), and ornithologist Omar Barroso (who discusses the migration of birds and their new predators), the piece invites the listener to explore this remote geographical region from an ecological, historical, and cultural perspective.

Voice Captain Hermann Eberhard: Thorsten Lütz
Text extracted from: „Erforschung der Provinz Última Esperanza – Kapitän Eberhards Expedition in Patagonia 1892” – Werner Gromsch, Karin Eberhard-Martiny (Hrsg.), Edition Patagonia 2013
Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin
Digital engraving: Marco Martinez

Copyright Control November 2020

Thanks to: Goethe Institut Deutschland- Virtuelle Partner Residenzen

Listen here: magallanes-1