Acedia – Don’t Look Now

Acedia: Don’t look now is an 8 channel sound installation which analysis relationships between places of transit in public space.
Through translocation sounds are transferred from their original context to the exhibition space.
In this installation the visitors attention is turned to something we normally ignore – people selling the homeless newspaper in the Berlin underground.
The artist did some field work and captured the sound of these sales-mantras, which were broadcast in the back yard of the building where the installation took place. The passage into the buildings outdoor space is given new meaning in that the visitor hears something they cannot see.
The installations benches invite us to listen in to something we usually shut out in everyday life. Through the decontextualization of focus on places the artist raises philosophical and political questions.

Limit a sound exhibition at 48 Hours Neukölln – Art Festival
24- 26 June 2016 Haus der Bildung, Berlin.