Klangliche Mythologien-Espacios en Soledad

Sonic Mythologies – Spaces in Solitude

Every time I return to my hometown Santiago de Chile I make my way to the city center called Santiago Centro.
As I wander through the streets and step into these peculiar sonic spaces. I listen to the sounds of this environment and recognize the presence of continuous noise. We are surrounded by noise. It is as if the noise was holding the environment together so that we may recognize its meaning.
In this noise, the eternal roar of the city, I retrieve fragments of my own identity. But just as I thought it was happening, it slips away again. Confronted with the ephemeral emergence presence I developed a strategy and imagined the Sonic Mythologies.
The plate starts spinning, the needle slowly descends, makes contact and starts plowing through the grooves of the dubplate. Noise arises, crackles, artifacts, distortion – mixing boards, amplifier, speaker, needle, feedback. Spaciousness. Allusions to distance, conscious schizophonia. The reproduction of a fragile identity. Audio fragments and Mythologems, the transcendence of the dubplate, re-emerging sense.
Sonic Mythologies – Spaces in Solitude is a performance for two turntables and dubplates, a DJ mixer, and video projection. The audio material etched into the dubplates is modulated and set into motion again by using variation in pitch, manipulation of time, layering, manual delay, and repetition.
In the present sounds, in the current noise, the possibility to constitute one’s fragile identity emerges again.

Performance at Kesselhaus, Berlin
3 February 2017

Klangliche Mithologien-Espacios en Soledad- Live (excerpt)